Digital Zettelkasten - Principles, Methods, and Examples


It's a book from Dave Kadavy.

A good idea of what the book is can be seen in this article here

main takeaway

The book is pretty shallow, but made me internalize the importance of atomic notes.

Why did I read this book?

I want to improve my Personal Knowledge Management methodology.

This short book is just a tidbit about this topic. Quick reading, no huge value, but I don't consider the time spent as wasted.


I like the flow chart of his Zettelkasten process:

Pasted image 20220613150702.png

The author says that it's inspired by the Getting Thing Done method (A Arte de fazer Acontecer).

choosing keywords/tags

This is actually a quote taken from How to take smart notes):

The way people choose their keywords shows clearly if they think like an archivist or a writer. Do they wonder where to store a note or how to retrieve it? The archivist asks: Which keyword is the most fitting? A writer asks: In which circumstances will I want to stumble upon this note, even if I forget about it? It is a crucial difference.

Comfortable rituals for managing your Zettelkasten

Ask yourself: In what situations can I work on my Zettelkasten?