The Coding Career Handbook


12. Specialize in the New

It is far easier to rise up the ranks quickly in a new space than in an old, crowded space.

Technology Complements:

If you brand yourself as a Firebase consultant and Google keeps adding and bug fixing Firebase functionality, they are in a small way working for you. When Google invests more in Firebase, you win too.

Lindy Compounding

Taking advantage of the Lindy Effect to compound your productivity is a force multiplier.

Cool link: Play long term games with long term people

13. Open Source Your Knowledge

Why open source YOUR knowledge?

Open sourcing knowledge is not an act of pure altruism. Even if not a single soul sees it, the act of organizing your knowledge and writing it down solidifies it in your head.

In the tips section, I've found something that recently came to my mind:

39. Marketing Yourself

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Be able to sell yourself/your idea/your project in:

2 words attempts

meaningful coder