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Good reading: thoughtbot guidelines for testing with RSpec

Fundamentals of TDD - Overview

Red-Green-Refactor by Example

Telling a Story with Your Tests

Four Phases of Testing


In this lesson it was mentioned that the test code should "tell a story", so it can work as documentation. Therefore, trying to DRY in test code can be a bad-practice.


DRY is a good principle to follow in code, but it's a means to an end, not the end itself. Often in tests, overly-aggressive de-duplication can lower the quality of test code, as it loses its explanatory capability.

According to this article from thoughtbot, it's better to favor Ruby methods over RSpec's DSL constructs. Example:

describe "#promote_to_admin" do
  it "makes a regular membership an admin membership" do
    # setup
    membership_to_promote = build_non_admin_membership

    # exercise

    # verify
    expect(membership_to_promote).to be_admin

  it "doesn't change other memberships" do
    membership_to_promote = build_non_admin_membership
    membership_to_not_promote = build_non_admin_membership


    expect(membership_to_not_promote).not_to be_admin

  def build_non_admin_membership
    user =
    group ="A group") user, group: group, admin: false)