2023-04-17 - Setup

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Useful Slack Tip: Ctrl+k

To quickly find someone or some channel, simply go to the Slack window and press Ctrl+k. It will open the "Jump to" box and you can just start typing the name of whoever you're looking for.

2023-04-17-setup - Slack Ctrl+k.png

Some setup adjustments

Here are some things I did after finishing the Le Wagon's setup.

VSCode Terminal

After applying LeWagon's setup, when we open a terminal inside VSCode, it opens on the right side. This is annoying! 😖

Steps to configure it to always open on the bottom:


One thing that I like about zsh is when it tries to complete the command we're typing based on our history. To achieve this we need to add the plugin zsh-autosuggestions.

In your ~/.zshrc simply add zsh-autosuggestions to the end of the plugins array.

In my case it looks like this:


Restart your shell (exec zsh) and now when you type a command you'll see a suggestion based on the command you already typed.

To accept the suggestion, just press right arrow key (or the End key).

Optional config

I don't like to move my hands/fingers away from the home row of the keyboard, then I configured the "accept suggestion" key to <Ctrl>+<Space>.

Also, I like the suggestions to be in dark-easy-to-ignore-gray, so I can't be distracted by the suggestions.

To achieve these two requirements, I've added this content at the end of the ~/.zshrc:

# accept autosuggestions with Ctrl+Space
bindkey '^ ' autosuggest-accept

# autosuggestions in dark-gray