2023-04-18 - Ruby Basics

main topics

Ruby and programming basics

The challenges were cool, and the interaction with the buddies is an enriching experience.

methods I learned

Experiment methods

my code

# trim whitespaces from a string

# check if a substring belongs to a string

# replace contents of a string
initial_string.gsub(old_letter, new_letter)

# get a random subset of an array

# randomize(an_array)

# sort an array

Age in days

my code

# to use date methods we need to require the lib
require "date"

# create a new date (arguments are integers)
new_date = Date.new(year, month, day)

# today
today = Date.today

# number of days between two dates
(endDate - startDate).to_i

# read input from user (use chomp to remove trailing \n)
input_string = gets.chomp

# read an integer as input
input_number = gets.chomp.to_i

live coding

my code

# create a random number from between 1 and 100
random_number = rand(1..100)

Colourful numbers

my code

# check if at least one element of
# an array is present in another one

IP address converter

my code

# convert decimal to binary
binary_notation = 12345.to_s(2)

# convert a string with bits to its decimal value as Integer
my_number = "00011001".to_i(2)