2023-05-19 - Product Design Sprint

main topics

Product Pitch

Sharpen your project idea by defining:

  1. the Need you want to fulfill
  2. your user Target
  3. the Goal users want to achieve
  4. your Differentiators

Complete the following sentence to build your product pitch. It’s a product…
for (users of this segment)
who need to (perform this action)
and want to (achieve this goal)
they choose (your product)
because (it has this differentiator)

User target (or segment)

It needs to be as specific as possible because:

For each segment, UX researchers generally create a Persona which is a fictional character representing a segment. Then it’s simpler to think about one person goals than a group of people goals.

User's need

This is the action users have to complete

User's goal

This is the objective users want to achieve


This is your unique value proposition. What specifically helps your users achieve their goals.

Core User Journey

What’s a User Journey?: All the steps to complete a given task on an app

What’s a Core User Journey?: The User Journey that allows users to meet their need

Example for AirBnB: