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Things I wanna do

Solution I found: use Yabai!!! -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k94qImbFKWE

Right Click

In Mac it's also called Secondary Click.

Tilde & Caret

On ABNT2 keyboard I need to do this:



Screenshot tools

NOTE: add Ctrl to save in the clipboard instead of a file

Uninstall Apps

  1. Launchpad
    • hold Option and click the little x (not always available)
  2. Finder -> Applications
    • drag the app icon to the trash
  3. install an app cleaner

Disable CapsLock

NOTE: To use the CapsLock as backspace this config must NOT be done

Keyboard Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Modifier Keys -> CapsLock = No Action

Enable CapsLock as Backspace

Use Karabiner-Elements.