deploying local images

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Just push your local image to the "minikube registry"

minikube image load <my_image>:<tag>

Now you can reference your image in your deployment manifest.

A quick&dirty way to launch your app could be like this:

# create the deployment
kubectl create deployment <myapp> --image=<myimage>:<tag>

# create the NodePort service
kubectl expose deployment <myapp> --type=NodePort --port=<port>

# check if the service is running fine
kubectl get services <myapp>

# easiest way to access this service:
minikube service <myapp>

# alternatively: kubectl port-forwarding to localhost:8080
kubectl port-forward service/<myapp> 8080:<port>
# and then access http://localhost:8080


Use the following commands to add the minikube autocomplete to zsh:

# create the custom plugin dir
mkdir -p ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/minikube-autocomplete/

# generate the plugin script with minikube
minikube completion zsh > ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/minikube-autocomplete/minikube-autocomplete.plugin.zsh

Edit your ~/.zshrc to include the plugin minikube-autocomplete


# ...
  # ...
# ...

Then restart zsh

exec zsh