using obsidian-digital-garden


This note is outdated. It's better to follow the instructions in the official website

This is my oversimplified version of the plugin's instructions here.

preliminary work

in obsidian

creating notes

The notes you want to see published must have dg-publish: true on their frontmatter:

dg-publish: true

The one you wanna see as your home page must have this on the frontmatter:

dg-publish: true
dg-home: true

publishing "all" notes

Currently there's no way to publish all notes by default (I opened an issue with requesting this feature).

As a workaround I created a script that works nice for my workflow:

Requirement: the vault itself must be a git repository (what I usually do).

The script adds a dg-publish: true to all versioned *.md files that don't have a dg-publish: defined in it's frontmatter.

Consequences of this:

While the feature requested in the OP is not implemented, I'll be using that script as pre-commit git hook.

themes for the published website

My favorite ones come in the top