The Operating System of You by Shawn @swyx Wang

00:00 - Intro (Motivation: Deconstruct top performers)
10:40 - Part 1: Firmware
24:50 - Part 2: External Devices
33:00 - Part 3: Scheduler
41:30 - Part 4: Kernel
45:05 - Final words
50:30 - Question


Motivation: "The Friendship that made Google huge" - a New Yorker article

Deconstructing top performers.

Developer Career Variation:

Part 1: Firmware


Book mentioned: Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker



Be aware about the Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). It is never cured, just managed.


Ergonomic keyboards with split design:


Low-carb/keto diet

Work For Home Ideas to Consider

"Take care of yourself. This job can destroy your hands, back, shoulders. Walk, talk, stand, squat, whatever. Your hands and back and brain are your money. Treat them right now and they'll last you 30-50 years." - Scott Hanselman

Part 2: External Devices

Memory / Storage

Spaced repetition.

Writing for Developers


Metcalfe's Law: Connections in a network = n(n - 1) / 2

Pick Up What They Put Down

Marketing Yourself:


Virtualization = Empathy

Code review yourself

Part 3: Scheduler


Getting Things Done

Scheduling Algorithims

Eisenhower Matrix

Lately, I've been working on grouping similar tasks. For example, meetings should all happen in succession because it's easier for me to jump from one to another than it is having an hour in between. I'm also more keen to communicate with others on Monday, when I'm getting the lay of the land. Towards the end of the week, my energy is higher if I'm dedicated to coding, especially if I've allotted uninterrupted time.

Notice when your energy levels are high and when they wane. Notice when you're more productive for social activities and when you're better off working in asolation. The more you study yourself, the easier planning becomes."

Part 4: Kernel

The Ghost in the Machine

Only Intrinsic Motivation Lasts - Daniel Vassallo:

When I first hit $100K income, I would take a peek at my W2 for a few days admiring the six digits, but then it wore off. When I hit $200K, $300K, $400K, and $500K, it was the same thing. I would be delusional to think that earning $1M, or $10M would suddenly make it different. And I feel the same with every other extrinsic reward or material possession. Getting them feels good for a while, but this wears off quickly.

From the book "Drive" - Dan Pink:

As children, we are driven by our inner desires to learn, to discover and to help others. But as we grow, we are programmed by our society to need extrinsic motivations: if we take out the trash, study hard, and work tirelessly, we will be rewarded with friendly praise, high grades and good paychecks. Slowly, we lose more and more of our intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic promises destroy intrinsic motivation.

Final Words


"Good Enough" is better than "Best"

Costs of looking for The Best:

You only need what's good enough.