Awesome plugin for VSCode: VSCodeVim

VSCodeVim tricks

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Things to do after installing the plugin


// VSCode native config that is (kinda)
// equivalent to `set scrolloff=5` in a vimrc:
"editor.cursorSurroundingLines": 5,

// NeoVim is a dependency to have
// full access to Ex commands:
"vim.enableNeovim": true,
"vim.neovimPath": "/home/meleu/.asdf/shims/nvim",

// vimrc remaps:
// according to the VSCodeVim README,
// `vim.vimrc.enable` option only enables remaps.
"vim.vimrc.enable": true,
"vim.vimrc.path": "/home/meleu/.vimrc",

// configure leader key
"vim.leader": "<space>",

// yank to/paste from clipboard
"vim.useSystemClipboard": true,

// :set hlsearch
"vim.hlsearch": true,

// emulate 'inkarkat/vim-ReplaceWithRegister'
"vim.replaceWithRegister": true,

// allow ctrl+b to toggle sidebar (default vscode behavior)
"vim.handleKeys": {
  "<C-b>": false

emulated plugins

original doc

By default it supports the following plugins that I'm used to use: