Vim Tip 20, 21, 22, 23 - visual mode basics

Practical Vim

enabling visual mode

command effect
v Visual character-wise
V Visual Line
<C-v> Visual Block
gv repeat last selection
o go to other end of selection

The "Vim Language" usually is {verb}{text-object} (or {verb}{movement}). In visual mode we invert this order. We first select the text we want to do some operation, and then execute the operation.

Other interesting thing about Visual Mode: if you press o you put the cursor in the other end of the selection.

Visual mode is also an awesome way to practice text-objects, because you have a visual hint of what the text-object is.

The Vim Tip 23 is basically saying the same as Chris Toomey in his nice video "Mastering the Vim Language":

Using Visual Mode is a smell!.

Although it can be useful for on-off operations, using visual mode can make your last action not very repeatable.