Practical Vim


Download the files to practice here:

Collecting useful vim tips...

For better practice, start vim without any configuration:

vim -u NONE -N
  1. The Vim Way
  2. Normal Mode
  3. Insert Mode
  4. Visual Mode
  5. Command-Line Mode

  1. Open Files and Save Them to Disk
  2. Navigate Inside Files with Motions
  3. Navigate Between Files with Jumps
  4. Copy and Paste
  5. Macros
  6. Matching Patterns and Literals
  7. Search
  8. Substitution
  9. Global Commands
  10. Index and Navigate Source Code with ctags
  11. Compile Code and Navigate Errors with the Quickfix List
  12. Search Project-Wide with grep, vimgrep, and Others
  13. Dial X for Autocompletion
  14. Find and Fix Typos with Vim's Spell Checker