Practical Vim

Vim Tip 7 - normal mode

Not very practical, but a metaphorical/philosophical tip.

Normal mode has this name for a good reason. It's the natural resting state

programmers spend a fraction of their time composing code. More time is spent thinking, reading, and navigating from one part of the code base to another.

Vim Tip 8 - chunk your undos

Every trip to the insert mode creates an "undoable" change.

Note: when in insert mode, if you move around using the arrow keys you create another undoable change.

Vim Tip 9 - compose repeatable changes

Pretty much the most important lesson I learned from Mastering the Vim Language: use text-objects to make your changes repeatable.

There was also a link to Which is an interesting thing. 🤓

See also Vim Tip 12 - vim language.