Vim Tip 24, 25 - visual block tricks

Practical Vim

Personal Tip - Squashing commits

Tip for when git squashing commits.


pick 06d6aa2 Delete
pick 6bb037b better home page
pick 47f9716 no emojis
pick 1234567 commit message

Put your cursor in the beginning of the second line, and then:



Vim Tip 24 - replace command replace all selected text

Pretty cool exercise to be done with this text:

Chapter            Page
Normal mode          15
Insert mode          31
Visual mode          44

Vim Tip 24 - visual block - table.png

Vim Tip 25 - the change feedback only appears when back to Normal mode

Pretty much what the title says.

Vim Tip 26 - non-rectangular visual-block

We can have a non-rectangular visual-block if we go to the end of line with $.

Text for practicing:

var foo = 1;
var bar = 'a';
var foobar = foo + bar;

Like in this example:

Vim Tip 24, 25 - visual block - non-rectangular.png