Vim Tips 3 - f for find

Practical Vim

This tip is basically showing that f{char} searches for the next occurrence of {char} in the current line, and ; goes to the next occurrence.

A funny way to practice this is to play the Vim be good game.

In the Tip 50 we learn that besides ; to go to the next occurrence, there's also , to come back to the previous one.

NOTE: avoid to use , coma as your leaderkey.

"Think like a scrabble player": you can save keystrokes if you use f to find a less frequent letter and then do the operation you want using text-objects.

In the example below, imagine the cursor in the beginning of the line and you want to delete excelent:

Improve your writing by deleting excelent adjectives.

So, fxdaw can do the job pretty well! 🤓