September/2023 and I'm testing LazyVim distribution (do not confuse with Lazy.nvim plugin.

The out-of-the-box experience is not 100% aligned with what I'm used to, but at least it's not as buggy as LunarVim.

Things I still wanna do

shift-k to show the manpage

I didn't like the fact that a Shift-k when the cursor is under the word sed doesn't show me the sed manpage. :(

ctrl-j / ctrl-k to navigate in telescope

disable plugin update notifications

Things I did right after installation

replace the surround plugin

Create the file lua/plugins/disabled.lua:

return {
  -- disable mini.surround, so we can use "tpope/vim-surround"
  { "echasnovski/mini.surround", enabled = false },

Create the file lua/plugins/init.lua:

return {

install the "ReplaceWithRegister" plugin

Add "vim-scripts/ReplaceWithRegister" to the file lua/plugins/init.lua:

return {

keep my .vimrc

Put this at the end of ~/.config/nvim/lua/config/options.lua

-- meleu: load my own "old" configs written in VimScript
vim.cmd('source ~/.vimrc')

.bats as bash scripts

This is important to have shfmt and shellcheck even when working on bats files.

Put this at the end of ~/.config/nvim/lua/config/options.lua

  extension = { bats = "sh" },