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Here I have my principles, my main interests, the things I built from scratch, and the Open Source projects I've contributed to.


My principles

Main interests

Main technologies in my toolbox

Personal/side projects I've built from scratch


In 2018 I created a follow-up system for a local logistics company.

In the website, developed with PHP, the user uploads an Excel spreadsheet with the shipments' info, the data is parsed and persisted in a MySQL database.

I also created an API (PHP) and a telegram bot (JavaScript/NodeJS) to interact with it. The truck drivers use the telegram bot to update the status of their deliveries.

This system is still in use today.



Created tools that converts a github wiki into a beautiful documentation webpage.



The RetroAchievements Discord Bot, consuming a lot of 3rd party APIs.



RetroAchievements digital magazine. I've built this to learn more about CSS.


Open Source projects

What I did:

Interviews & Podcasts

Since I put a lot of effort into the RetroAchievements project, I was interviewed on some podcasts to talk about myself and my involvement with the project.


RetroArch is a highly portable multi-emulator written in C.

I've made some contributions related to the RetroAchievements feature. Here's the list of commits.


RetroPie is a collection of shell scripts that turns a Raspberry Pi into a retrogaming station.

I've added some automated configuration features, using bash and Python. Here's the list of commits.