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I'm a Linux user since 1999 (which is when I started to work and bought my first computer). At that time I became fascinated by the Unix philosophy (do one thing and do it well) and the hacker culture (intense knowledge sharing).

I spent a big portion of my youth having fun with Linux, shell scripting, C programming, studying network protocols, and sharing knowledge with other nerds on IRC. In the early 2000s I produced some texts (in portuguese), one deep diving the Unix File Permissions and another one about bash Programming

In 2004 I started working in the oil industry, as a Control Room Operator of an Oil Rig (where I stayed for 17 years). Yeah, it wasn't a job in the IT field, but for a lad in his early 20s, that was an exciting one.

In 2011 I graduated in Computer Science (while still working) and thought the natural path would be to work with IT, but the money fate made me stay in the same job.

During the years spent in the oil industry, besides acquiring good technical knowledge and systemic view of industrial processes, I was also able to develop my social and communication skills, working and managing people with different backgrounds.

In 2016 I started to get involved with open source projects related to my hobby: retrogaming. I started with RetroPie (using a lot of bash scripting), made some contributions to RetroArch (using the C language), and then I became focused in the RetroAchievements project (using a myriad of web technologies like HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SQL, NodeJS, PHP, git, bash, etc.).

In RetroAchievements, as part of the project's leadership, I became some sort of a community manager, where I used a lot of the, so called, soft skills. I also produced a lot of documentation for the project.

Since 2018, I started to manage Linux servers for a few customers/friends and also launched the https://meleu.sh/ website, sharing my knowledge about shell scripting (in Portuguese).

In 2021 I left the oil industry to work full-time as a DevOps Engineer. Mainly handling CI/CD pipelines and deploying containerized applications to Kubernetes. During that time I realized how beneficial it was for me to have a broad experience with industrial processes.

In 2023 I decided to focus on Web Development with the Ruby on Rails stack.

Main technologies in my toolbox

Interviews & Podcasts

Since I put a lot of effort into the RetroAchievements project, I was interviewed on some podcasts to talk about myself and the project.

Open Source projects I'm proud of


NOTE: I'm not the creator of this project.

What I did:


Documentation for the RetroAchievements project.

Technologies used:


A monthly web-zine, bringing news about the RetroAchievements scene.

Technologies used


Technologies used: